Contest Results: Intermediate Known
 Queensland State Titles 2011, Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, 11 to 13 June 2011

Ranked by scores    

 Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Known Totals O/all %
 1 Ben BRAZIER Pitts S-1S VH-ABT 1708.06 1708.06 75.24
 2 Colin APPLETON Extra 300 VH-EXR 1510.24 1510.24 66.53
 3 David BROWN Pitts S-2A VH-MKE 1159.38 1159.38 51.07
 Contest Director: Stephen Hudson (AUS), Contest Chief Judge: Brendan SCILINI (AUS), Scoring Director: Liz Cook (AUS), Judges: Phil UNICOMB (AUS) (Seq CJ), Rob NOONAN (AUS), Paul BENNET (AUS), Glenn GRAHAM (AUS), Peter TOWNSEND (AUS). Judges Assistants: Larry JONGBLOED, Martyn WOODHOUSE, Jenny WOODHOUSE, Jenny BENT, LeeAnne HUDSON, Cassandra MOLLER, Vanessa WHAN, Dr Lisa, Russell SNEYD, Mark GALLETLY, Mark FOY, Merryn SCILINI, Clive TUDGE, Rob NOONAN.
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