Intermediate AUS
 NSW State Championships 2016, Narromine, 15th to 18th Sep

Ranked by scores    

 Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Totals O/all %
 1 Shaun Holmes Pitts S-1 VH-SXW 1414.34 1636.58 1436.49 4487.41 76.187
 2 Daniel Comarmond One Design VH-NBZ 1416.32 1440.82 1169.97 4027.11 68.372
 3 Russell Bowes Pitts S-2A VH-FFF 1409.08 1327.80 1160.35 3897.23 66.167
Contest Director: (not recorded), Contest Chief Judge: Stephen Hudson, Scoring Director: (not recorded), Flight Director: (not recorded). Judges: Alan Kilpatrick, Stephen Hudson, Alan Cassidy, Russell Sneyd, Chris Lee, Scott Yates. Judges Assistants: Allan Harding, Amir Zoghi, John McLean, Moray Clowes, Daniel Tomic. Jury members: (none recorded). Other key staff: (none recorded).
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